New FH-1 tutorial by Learning Modular

Learning Modular have published an excellent tutorial for getting going with the FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI host module.

Read it here.

The FH-1 works with Roli Blocks

Our FH-1 USB MIDI Host module works well with the new Roli Blocks controller, giving you expressive control of your modular in a neat little package. See these user videos:

GUI-based configuration tools for FH-1 now available

Newly available for the FH-1 USB MIDI Host module are a couple of GUI-based configuration tools, removing the need to write scripts by hand and mess about in the terminal to process them.

More details here.

Video review of ES-8 by Mały Modularz

FH-1 firmware v1.6 released

Firmware version 1.6 for the FH-1 module is now released. This adds a number of new features, including release velocity and trigger support in the MIDI/CV converters, the ability to step through presets with trigger inputs, and support for loading configuration scripts via SysEx.

Download the new firmware here.